Rolling Road Tuning and ECU Mapping Prices in Gloucestershire

All rolling road packages run a 2 wheeled drive Sun ramp 3000 computerised/digital rolling road system using ditigal Co2 and lander sensor (fuel readings)


This system will not only improve your performance, but could improve your fueling upon request.


This state of the art system will make your mini perform to its best.


Basic package

3 Rolling road power runs, plus before and after torque/power output readings                                                                                           From £65


Intermediate package

Rolling road tuning up to 3 hours includes carburettor tuning, ignition timing and torque/power output readings with before and after read outs.      From £195


Spam & chipped package

Half day booking for rolling road tuning, this service includes ECU mapping, with torque/power output runs and readings with before and after read outs of mapped tuned vehicle. THIS IS A MUST FOR DIESELS, PETROLS AND TURBO'S                                                                                                   

                                                                                                   From £299



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